Tutors for All

This was my third year at New England GiveCamp, and this year I had the fortune of working with Tutors for All. This non-profit helps provide students in need with personal tutoring services.

The site was built on WordPress and is running on a modified version of TwentyTwelve. This new site replaces the previous site, which was based on Wix. The main concern for this project was time as GiveCamp only lasts about 48 hours, including introductions, final presentations, and sleep (if you’re smart – I’m not)

Just for fun, here’s a video time lapse of the weekend. Regarding my previous comment about smart people working sleep into the weekend, at about 0:40 (~5:00am Saturday) I’m one of the few crazies you can see in the back plugging away. (thanks for creating this go to Ryan Sutton):

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